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I’m Tony Harding and I’m the Owner of Seasoned Garden Designs. I have a professional horticultural background that started well over 35 years ago. When it comes to plants, I can advise you on every aspect of gardening.


I began working with plants as a Plant Grower and Retailer in our family landscaping business, WD & B Harding & Son (1980 – 1995). Over the years, I gained a City & Guilds in Landscape Practices, a Royal Horticultural Society Qualification and a Level 3 in Horticulture & Garden Design.


From 1995 – 2011, I ran my own nursery and garden centre - Four Winds Nursery in Sharnford, Leicestershire. I found myself giving advice to the public on plants including choice, position and planting partners. This inspired me to start my own garden design business and in 2011, Seasoned Garden Designs was born.


In summer 2014, one of our garden designs was awarded the RHS Gold Medal at the Gardener's World Live Show 2014. Our brief was to create a space as close to as nature intended and as a tribute to fallen soldiers in WW1.


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Nothing conjures the horror and the romantic notions of the First World War more vividly than the works of our war poets. Here on the edge of a woodland glade our poet sits and writes what will be his final work. Far off in the distance the clacking and booming of fighting reminds him of what lies ahead, but in this spot, for just a time, he is lost in the past, dreaming of home, and love. Behind him the calm of the woods offer tranquillity, his fear of what lies ahead soothed away by the cool caress of fern and leaf. Before him one last meadow with its wild margins alive with life and colour fill his heart with optimism that one day he’ll see England again. He closes his notebook and begins his final march towards an unknown fate. Unlike the soldier, his poem made it home.

Poet's Last Rest - Gardener's World Live 2014

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