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Are you looking for great garden design ideas?


Seasoned Garden Designs take your garden design ideas from concept to reality. Our expert, award-winning garden design service looks at all of the elements within your garden.


Good garden design ideas are not just about having a great concept; it’s about planting the right plants in the right place. We will map your ideas against your environment. Do you have the right soil for the types of plants you want in your garden? What is the aspect of your garden; are you north or south facing? Do you know what lies underneath your garden? We will conduct a full site survey to ensure the right plants can thrive in the best location within your garden.


Understanding how to design your garden is the key to making your garden work for you. We will apply over 35 years of expert knowledge, so you are able to relax and enjoy your garden for years to come.


Creating great garden design ideas -

the 5 stage process:


Our full Garden Design service is a 6 to 8 week process.


• We begin with talking to you about your garden, listening to your garden design ideas and taking notes.

• We then undertake a full site visit, plotting all of your existing garden features and carrying out an analysis in terms of soil and aspect.

• We will prepare a design brief and concept drawings, making sure that you are happy with each stage.

• Before we move on to creating detailed planting plans, we will give you a full set of scale drawings for you to approve.

• We can arrange landscaping services on your behalf from our trusted partners as well as planting services. We will even provide you with planting plans so you know exactly where everything is within your garden along with the names of all of your plants.


Why not have your borders designed by someone who really understands which plants will grow well together, with colours that will give you a stunning show, and with heights and spreads that will work perfectly in your space.


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